Survey of residents

Has Merton Borough Council sought YOUR opinion on how the Plough Lane greyhound stadium site should be redeveloped? No, us neither.

As a result of this lack of communication from the council, Wimbledon Park Residents’ Association carried out its own survey in Wimbledon Park ward to find out what local people thought of development plans for the stadium site.

The results are as follows:

  • 85% of those questioned had NOT received any communication from Merton council asking their opinion on the proposed development of the greyhound stadium site. Only 4% thought they had received such a communication; 11% were unsure.
  • 80% thought that a development consisting of a 20,000-seat football stadium, 600 residential units and retail space was NOT beneficial for local residents. Only 8% thought it was beneficial; 12% did not know.
  • 72% opposed the development as listed above, 11% neither supported nor opposed it, 10% supported it and 7% did not know.

The survey was carried out by knocking on successive doors in the roads being surveyed; if there was a response, the householder was asked if they would take part in the survey. This resulted in a random but representative set of residents taking part. In total, 202 households were surveyed and, using a standard statistical formula, WPRA estimated the possible errors in its results compared with those that would follow from surveying all residents.

WPRA concludes: “The proposed development of a 20,000-seat football stadium with associated development (retail and housing) is substantially opposed by the residents of Wimbledon Park Ward.”

Read more about WPRA’s research and views on the re-development of the Plough Lane stadium site here.