About us

We are local residents in the Wimbledon area who are understandably concerned about major development plans in our neighbourhood. We are NOT affiliated with, backed or funded by any company, association, individual or organisation.

We think it is important that everyone in the area understands what plans are on the table and the issues surrounding the site.

We also think that AFC Wimbledon and Merton Borough Council have been pretty lax about keeping people who live in the Plough Lane area – as well as Wimbledon in general – fully informed about plans for the historic stadium site. Have you been consulted on the issue?

We have set up this website merely to keep residents informed of proposals that will have a bearing on their quality of life – and to enable us all to have our say on the plans. Make your voice heard!

We are NOT anti-football, pro-greyhound or any other particular sport either. We simply want to ensure that whatever plans are approved, they have been subject to the correct procedures of scrutiny and will enhance rather than cause a detriment to our neighbourhood.

We intend to keep this site updated with all relevant information about development plans for Plough Lane greyhound stadium, and hope that it will become the definitive source of intelligence on this issue.

All information listed on this site is in the public domain – we simply intend to collate it in order for local residents to make an informed decision about matters occurring in their backyard…

5 thoughts on “About us

  1. Marc Jones

    I think “we are local residents” is disingenuous in the extreme. How about some names please.

    I am also a local resident with an interest in what happens locally.

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  2. Charlie Talbot

    This site lists some of the concerns with a development of this size – impact on traffic and transport for example. But it has no discussion of the benefits the development would bring in terms of community initiatives, volunteer organisation, the club’s already award-winning community schemes and the provision of coaching and activities for children in the borough(s), as well as other health activities (e.g. walking football etc). Why is this? It seems a little one-sided. Clearly there will be a wide range of impacts on people living near the stadium (which will be discussed and considered as part of the planning process) but this site appears only to have looked at the negatives. The club’s community report for example is in the public domain here http://www.merton.gov.uk/environment/planning/planningpolicy/ldf/sites_policies_plan/3_site_37_r086_graa___afcw_appendix_2_-_afc_wimbledon_community_report.pdf but this doesn’t seem to merit a mention on here.

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  3. combyne

    I notice that a lot of credence was given to a survey, which from what I have read was carried out by the WPRA themselves. Whilst the extrapolation can be considered correct, the methodology of self conductment is certainly not.

    An independent company such as mori or ICM should be carrying out the survey through several different methods of contact, not simply knocking on doors.

    In addition there is no indication of age, sex or whether people are renting or home buyers, and how far they are from the stadium site.

    A previous independent survey carried out across the Borough indicated massive support for the club to be situated within the vincinity.


  4. Ian Hidden

    I notice that you use the word “plans” in the plural. There is only one plan on the table as the Greyhound people cannot afford/will not pay to put forward their plans to be scrutinised by the Council and its residents. The choice for the Council is pretty clear: leave the site as it is or regenerate it with accommodation that is desperately needed in the borough and a community football stadium that will be used as much as possible for the betterment of many in Merton. Again, the initial capacity will be 11.000 with the possibility to extend to 20,000 if AFCW progresses up the leagues.


  5. Angela Darling

    It was stated by someone in the audience at a packed meeting tonight that the stadium plans could have an impact on the price our homes…more like an impact on our health



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