What is going on with this so-called consultation?

Mayor Khan says he will spend a fortnight deciding whether to hand the Plough Lane development plans back to Merton Council following the current AUGUST 10 deadline for comments on material changes in circumstance since the scheme was approved back in December.

Meanwhile, Wandsworth and Merton GLA representative Leonie Cooper clearly states  (in an email to a local resident which is currently doing the rounds) that the Mayor has already decided to hand back the plans to Merton Council for final approval, thus making a mockery of the current consultation period.
She also peddles the untruth that the previous Mayor Boris Johnson “did himself also say that he was wrong to call the decision in”. The fact is, he actually said that he “may have made a mistake”; quite different.

Merton’s leader Cllr Alambritis also repeatedly boasts that the Mayor is going to hand back the plans, with approval guaranteed later this month.

AFC Wimbledon supporters, whose Chief Exec Erik Samuelson has apparently met with Mayor Khan, are confident of a thumbs up for their stadium plans, calling it a ‘slam dunk’ situation.

Yet the Mayor of London’s office insists that Sadiq Khan has not yet made a decision.

So what is the truth? Is this consultation period for real, or has the fate of Wimbledon Stadium been pre-determined in an utterly undemocratic way? Are our local representatives pulling the wool over our eyes, or is this process as truly transparent as we should expect?

AFCW is calling on football fans of any allegiance to bombard the Mayor with pleas to let Merton give their stadium plans the go ahead, despite the fact that his office has clearly indicated it only wants to hear about “material changes” that could affect his decision. One can only assume they will be disregarded.

However, changed circumstances such as the announcement of Crossrail 2, new supermarkets in the area, lack of consideration for traffic and transport issues are all bona fide reasons to post an email comment to the Mayor’s office to ensure these variables are properly considered before the plans are approved. Send your email (deadline AUGUST 10) to planningadmin@london.gov.uk