Local business still in dark over Plough Lane plans

You’d think a ‘business-like’ council like Merton would make it a priority to consult local businesses when there are life-changing plans afoot, but no! As far as Plough Lane is concerned, they really don’t seem to give a hoot.

Firstly, they didn’t bother consulting the businesses based on the surrounding industrial estates.  Thumbs down from local businesses

Secondly, they didn’t take the worries of the local artists studios into consideration. Art studios condemn Plough Lane proposals

Thirdly, they are allowing retail units to open all around the site (there’s a new Coop on Durnsford Road and a mini Sainsbury’s being built at the top of Haydons Road, plus a Lidl about to open opposite the stadium) – yet STILL approved AFCW plans to include another supermarket in their scheme. Were the businessmen who run existing local convenience stores consulted? No! Plough Lane store mysteries…

And fourthly, we wonder whether Lidl, whose new store in Plough Lane is scheduled to open in mid-August, realise that the council has approved plans for a stadium build on their doorstep that requires the closure of Plough Lane and Summerstown on match days to enable the dispersal of football crowds.

Afterall, it’s a key point that was buried in the planning application despite how critical the transport network in this area is to the free flow of  both business and leisure traffic in the Wimbledon/Tooting/Earlsfield/Wandsworth area.

Unbelievable – but true.