Wannabe mayors stay schtum on Plough Lane

No real news here, folks! But in the interests of keeping residents informed about developments in the Plough Lane planning saga…

Asked by the Wimbledon Guardian about what decision they would make on AFC Wimbledon’s stalled Plough Lane plans,  Sadiq Khan said:

“If I were Mayor I would have to be very careful not to open myself up to challenge by giving a view as a potential Mayor that would jeopardise me looking at the scheme as a whole. As Mayor I would look at the merits and make a decision based upon the advice from those in City Hall. The job of the Mayor is to represent all 32 boroughs and so what I shouldn’t do is prejudice that decision by giving a view as a potential Mayor.”

Zac Goldsmith said:

“I would have to go through details and look at points in a way that that, as a mayoral candidate, I haven’t. For these developments you need to have communities in agreement. I think he made the right decision to call it in, but I’m not going to go into details related to this plan.”

Meanwhile, AFC Wimbledon has called on football fans to spam email both candidates urging them to support their Plough Lane plans. And Wimbledon Park councillors have suggested to residents: ‘There will be further consultation prior to the Mayor determining the outcome of the application and we encourage you to make your views known to him.’