Wimbledon Park cllrs’ update on Plough Lane Stadium plans

The following communication has been issued by Merton Borough councillors for the Wimbledon Park ward:

Dear resident
Update re. the Wimbledon Stadium Application

As you may already be aware, the Mayor of London has decided to call in the Wimbledon Stadium application. The Mayor has been given strategic planning powers for London and the ability to call in and decide large-scale applications under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.
The Mayor has set out his reasons for taking over this planning application as follows:

  1. a) The development would have a significant impact on the implementation of the London Plan because the nature of the proposals raise important considerations as to the future of cultural and sporting venues in London, and involve proposals for a significant amount of housing, including affordable housing, and;
  1. b) There are sound planning reasons for my intervention, because of the scale and nature of public representations received, which raise valid strategic planning matters regarding transport, housing, sports and cultural provision, including significant issues of controversy that require full consideration in a public hearing. Whilst this development proposes more than 150 dwellings and policy test 7(1) (b) does not therefore apply, it also is noted that the application would have a significant effect on one or more borough and raises strategic matters relating to transport and impact on services.

At this stage we have not been given notice of timescales or the process of determination but given the number of planning applications already in the pipeline, notwithstanding the Mayoral elections we understand that this application is unlikely to be decided before June/July.

There will be further consultation prior to the Mayor determining the outcome of the application and we encourage you to make your views known to him.

Kind regards 

Councillor Oonagh Moulton        Councillor Janice Howard       Councillor Linda Taylor