The two critical issues for Plough Lane application….

Speaking at a residents’ meeting last night, Wimbledon MP Stephen Hammond said that he thought there were two major issues on which the Plough Lane development plans could founder:

  1. The flood plain issue: AFC Wimbledon and Galliard Homes have based their plans on the premise that the Environment Agency will re-categorise the site down from a 3b highest risk category flood plain to a slightly less risky 3a category location. A decision to do this has not (yet?) been made public. Were the risk level to be reduced, it would certainly be good news for the developers – and for residents in the area too: no one wants to live in high-risk area. Reducing the flood risk would of course also make the site more attractive for other development projects.  Like a school?
  2. The scale of the development: the MP pointed out that the Durnsford Road/Gap Road junction is “one of the busiest, if not THE busiest junctions in the borough”. He also said that – leaving aside the stadium issue –  he didn’t think the increased day to day pressures a 602-home development would bring had yet been overcome. (If you live in the near vicinity, whatever your sporting allegiances, you must surely agree.)