Samuelson’s ‘minor changes’ are looking pretty major

Back in February, AFC Wimbledon chief exec Erik Samuelson dismissed alterations required to the club’s plans for Plough Lane as “minor changes“. No substantive alterations to the scheme would be necessary, he asserted.

Two months on, and they’re not looking quite so minor now, though, are they?

The Board of AFCW’s management committee, the Dons Trust, has already informed members that “Savills [who are advising AFCW and Galliard Homes on the scheme] have indicated that in view of all the issues that are turning up, it is very unlikely that the planning application will be decided at the March Planning Committee meeting or even the April meeting.”

Well, we are now well into April and  there’s still been no date set for the application to go before Merton Borough Council’s planning committee. It’s even been suggested by AFCW insiders that the stadium plans might be deferred to September.

Which is fine, provided the plans when they are submitted actually address all those “minor” issues that have been raised not just by us residents but by statutory bodies as well.

And wouldn’t it be nice too if community club AFC Wimbledon was actually bothering to keep local people in the loop with progress on their large-scale scheme that will have such major impacts on both Merton and Wandsworth sides of the borough border? Just saying.

Now the Plough Lane scheme has hit opposition, just how well do AFCW and Galliard Homes get on as development partners?


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