Triple blow to AFCW stadium dreams

AFC Wimbledon’s hopes of having their plans to build a 20,000-seat stadium in Plough Lane rubberstamped are fading.

The proposed development has received a triple blow with major organisations including the Environment Agency, Transport for London and Sport England opposing the planning application as it stands.

Their opposition is based on grounds including insufficient flood plain provision, failure to correctly assess and cater for transport needs, and lack of community sporting facilities.

The Wimbledon Society has also come out against the scheme, saying ‘the massing and scale is highly unsatisfactory, and the detailed design does not sufficiently resolve the inevitable tensions between the different uses and activities on the site’.

All these objections to the plans (read them on the Merton planning portal), which have been submitted by AFC Wimbledon with Galliard Homes, would however be addressed were the development smaller in terms of both stadium and the ‘enabling’ housing development.

This begs the question: how far can the applicants reduce the size of their project to meet planning requirements while still being able to fund AFCW’s ambitious stadium plans?