Merton Council ‘missing a trick’ on Plough Lane

Our eye was caught recently by an interesting debate about the future of Plough Lane on a local board of the website. The following post in particular caught our eye and highlights the potential of the greyhound stadium site. We reproduce the post in full below:

Merton Council leaders are really missing a trick.  This isn’t about a new ‘sports area’;  it is about a total regeneration of this long-time industrial area.  What is it – 100 acres or so?  If we simplify the argument to dogs vs football, we are ALL going to lose in the long run.  Merton Council must be told to set this application aside, and initiate a proper, formal REGENERATION PLAN for the entire area.  The first issue to address is the Environment Agency’s flood plain designation, and then focus on a radical future-focussed re-design of traffic management. This area deserves a brilliant, sophisticated transportation proposal that includes many more cyclists and people on foot, plus private cars, business vehicles, coaches and including plans for up to 20,000 ‘pedestrian movements’ during match day (plus the tens of thousands more visitors around Wimbledon Fortnight).  What about Crossrail 2 integration?  What about rail bridges to link the area with Wimbledon Station?  Have any of you looked at what is happening at Elephant & Castle?  This is the kind of forward thinking needed for this vast area so close to central London.  If you are so naive to think it down to ‘Dogs v Greyhounds’, please sit back, and fight to get the real issues sorted first.

Food for thought, for sure…