Hey, let’s just close a few roads…

It’s a simple solution to congestion in Plough Lane when supporters swarm out of the 11,000/20,000-seat stadium after a match, according to transport documents submitted in support of AFC Wimbledon’s planning application.

Have these people experienced the traffic chaos that ensues when there’s a temporary traffic issue in this area? Obviously not, or they would know what a critical link it is for traffic flow throughout south west London.

For example, a couple of months ago, an accident involving a pedestrian (runner) at the junction of Arthur Road and Durnsford Road closed the road temporarily, causing massive tailbacks here as well as on Gap and Alexandra Roads, Leopold Road, Plough Lane, Haydons Road and surrounding side roads.

And what about the emergency roadworks on Plough Lane that ran through November and December? The jams caused by that led to a total seizure of traffic throughout south west London.

No, AFC Wimbledon and Galliard Homes, closing Plough Lane whenever you feel like it is NOT an acceptable option for this critical transport artery. And it is utterly irresponsible of your planning advisers to fail to even look at the consequences of this bonkers non-solution when submitting your planning application.